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How Sweden’s housing policy can contribute to social sustainability

“Housing policy is a serious issue, and any party wishing to be seen as serious needs to be able to say that this is something it takes seriously.” So...


The 2018 general election – what are the most important things to know?

On 9 September this autumn the polling stations will open their doors and Swedes will vote in the Riksdag and municipal elections. Before this, we can expec...

Prins Daniel besöker Sports Tech Research Centre och vindtunneln

Wind tunnel provides perfect testing conditions

The Sports Tech Research Centre's new wind tunnel was unveiled in 2015. Featuring one of the world's largest treadmills, enormous fans and an adjustable ra...

News and Upcoming Events

Completion of Studies Ceremony

Mid Sweden University and the Student Unions in Sundsvall and Östersund welcome students who will complete their studies this term to the graduation ceremony on June 8!